Friday, March 20, 2009

The Proposal

On July 5, 2008 Rusty and I got on the SeaDoo and went for a ride like we'd done many times before. We ran into some friends in their boat and he told them we were going to get gas and we'd be right back. We went over and filled up and on the way back when we were somewhere between the dock and our friend's boat Rusty just stopped. Me still not having a clue what was going on asked him why he stopped...he looked at me like I was crazy and finally minutes later I looked up at the dock and saw his nieces and nephew holding a sign that said "Will you be our aunt?" and then they flipped it over and it said "Will you marry me?" There were tears in my eyes, I was speechless and I kissed him. As I kissed him fireworks went off and I heard all of his family and friends yelling, screaming and clapping. I think I eventually said yes and he untied the ring from his swimsuit and gave it to me. It was absolutely perfect!!!