Monday, August 10, 2009

William's heart looks good and he has a strong kick!!!

On our last sono we saw 4 chambers of the heart which was a huge relief. However, there are more that 4 parts to the heart and being that I see children with heart defects everyday at work I wanted a better look at the heart so I decided to have a fetal echo. Even though heart defects are very rare I see them all the time and I knew I would feel much better if I could see a normal, healthy heart. I am happy to report that William's heart looks great! It was such a beautiful site!

Last night after a long day at work I came home and took a warm bath to relax. I'm pretty sure William liked the bath because I felt him move for the first time! At first I wasn't sure if it was gas or what and then I realized it was my sweet baby boy! It was such an incredible feeling. God has blessed me so much!