Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Snow...lots of snow!

I've always wanted a white Christmas and this year I got one! When I heard there was a chance of snow I was excited but I never thought we'd get so much. It started snowing Christmas Eve morning and kept snowing all day long. It was like nothing I had ever seen...we were actually under a blizzard warning which is just funny since we live in Texas! We spend most of the day pulling people out of ditches and getting Shelby and the kids from the lake. Once we finally got to Billy and Bec's it was nice to relax and enjoy Christmas Eve with the family...who would have guessed we would all be snowed in because of the 4 foot high snow drifts! We had a total of 1 foot of snow! On Jan 29th we got a small snow...this was William's first snow! A couple weeks later on Feb 11th we got another foot of snow and then another 6-8 inches on Mar 20. This has been a very unusual winter...I've seen more snow than I've ever seen in my life and I may never see this much snow in Texas again!