Monday, November 15, 2010

10 months!

10 months...WOW! I can't believe it! We didn't go to the doctor this month but according to my scale he weighs 22.4 lbs. He got 2 new teeth this month...he now has 2 on top and 3 on bottom! It's amazing how quickly he picks up on seems like he learns something new everyday! He learned two new words this month...bye bye and da da. I'm pretty sure he's refusing to say ma ma just to drive me crazy cause everytime I say ma ma he just starts laughing! He learned how to clap his hands, play peek-a-boo, wave and say bye bye and the most exciting one....signal a touchdown. I have to say I am very proud of him...he is such a smart boy! There were lots of first this month...first Halloween, pumpkin patch, hayride, etc. It has been an exciting month!!! Of course we also had our first ER visit as well...he decided he needed to eat a refrigerator magnet. He was choking and we got the magnet out but he kept coughing and gagging so since he always puts things in his mouth by the handfull I thought he might have actually swallowed one so we went to get an x-ray. It turns out he didn't swallow it...thank goodness!!! He's fearless and into everything...I'm afraid that won't be his last visit but I'm praying it is! William also got to watch his first World Series and it just happened to be the first time the Rangers were there...we were both very excited! :)

I was fixing his breakfast and I found him like this!

Watching the World Series!

Playing with his magnets...these aren't the ones he tried to eat!

First ER visit!

Still in the ER!

My little monkey!

Happy Halloween!

I'll post more pics from Halloween and the pumpkin patch later!


lyndsay said...

Trena! He's adorable, and has grown up so fast! You should have one exciting Christmas with him! You look great and must love being a mommy! Congrats on the cute little guy!