Friday, March 23, 2012

Terrible Twos

The terrible twos are in full force at our house. It is to the point where I'd rather just stay home then try to take him anywhere. Tonight we decided we wanted to get out so we drove to Muenster for supper. As soon as we put William in his chair he started throwing a fit...a very LARGE fit! Rusty took him outside 3 times and he was a little better but not great. We drove 2 towns over and had already ordered drinks and an appetizer so we weren't leaving...we knew he'd calm down eventually but he was in a mood. Clearly we were frustrated but he's two and he throws fits...all two years olds throw why do some people feel the need to stare and give disapproving looks??? Seriously people...he's 2, I'm frustrated and exhausted and I'm doing the best I can...GIVE ME A BREAK!